Sunday, January 2, 2011

Wacka Flacka Flame...Go Hard In The Paint!!

The next song I would like to discuss is Wacka Flacka Flame's Go Hard In The Paint from his latest album Flockaveli.

I can't really understand why this song gets so much radio play, besides the fact that the beat sounds good to some people, including myself.

I am not hating on Wacka, but I am hating on the people that call into the radio stations requesting songs like this.

I truly believe that this song is a prime example of why a lot of people (white & black & everything in between) choose to not listen to rap. This song is super violent, and it has no positive message to send to its listeners."When my little brother died I said f*** school..." I can't believe radio stations are okay with these type of lyrics being played on their stations, as I'm sure it causes a lot of people to turn to a different station.

I am a huge fan of hip hop, but I feel that if people continue to promote songs like this then hip hop will eventually die because there is no thought involved. I like hearing songs that have meaningful lyrics, or at least lyrics that are more complex than "I go hard in the paint," and "I picked the burna up & some marijuana."

Please people, let me know what you think...Peace & Happy New Year!!

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