Thursday, January 13, 2011

What's Up With Our World??

Have you ever wondered what happened to make people hate everyone else? What I mean is, have you ever walked past someone without giving them a glance?

When you're at the store do you walk around without making eye contact with anyone?

No matter how you answer those two questions, it's not hard to people watch and see this exact behavior going on any where you look. It's crazy to say, but people really don't like to communicate with strangers at all. I'm only asking because I was sitting in Meijer's parking lot listening to this song, and all I thought to myself was people are pretty cold to one another when there is nothing at stake. What happened to caring about each other as brothers, sisters, and fellow human beings.

People really don't even give each other so much as a smile, and I think it is this type of behavior that perpetuates hatred and competition.

What's my point here? I'm just hoping someone will comment back and try to explain why this phenomenon happens even in our own communities. I just want to see people happy, andwalking around with our heads down and not looking each other in the eye is definitely not going to make you happy...unless you like being an asshole.

Maybe it's because if you say hi to one person, then you feel you have to say hi to everyone, so it's just easier to focus on what you went to the store first...if anyone is reading this, please let me know what you think.


  1. I agree with you a 100%... I always try to make eye contact, node my head, smile, say hello or whatever. Most people don't respond, or look in shock, or some respond wit a quick hi and keep going without eye contact ! If I see a lady in the store and she leaves her purse unattended, I will let them that's not safe and everyone does not have a heart like me, be more careful, MOST women tell me to mind my business and very few say, "Your Right, Thank You". I just try to treat ALL people the same way I would want me to be treated or if my own Mother and Father needed help or something they would do they same.. Sad to say that in this world if things don't involve them directly they don't care.. I'm nice by nature, its in my heart and GOD/Ali knows that so with that being said my goodness will be giving back in my after eternal life... I'm not perfect by far, but with something as SIMPLE as LOVE and LOVING one another unconditionally no matter what and trying to do the right things in life u cant and wont go wrong !

  2. One word... Satan!
    Mastermind behind the fall of civilization as we know it... look at Haiti and you'll see first hand what happens without police and government... total evil everywhere and that is Satan's gift to us all... should we want it or not. Being obedient to God is difficult when you don't know what obedience entails and Satan has very nicely smoked out God's truth with false religions and false truths. Everybody wants to follow their hearts, man's heart is evil by nature and resists God naturally. You may see things improve for a time but it will be the biggest smoke screen of all... courtesy of the almighty Satan. And when the smoke clears the apocalypse will prevail... beyond your worst (or wildest) imagination. You will see things being done to people by other people you never could even imagine in your worst nightmares!