Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Young Jeezy---I Am Back

When I first heard this song I was like "Damn, this is about to blow up." Turns out this song has been out for years, and it never took off.

It's music like this that makes me absolutely hate the radio...they don't play the best music, and on top of that they play the music that turns people off hip-hop completely.

This song is classic Jeezy, and it goes to show why he has so much credibility in the streets. The beat of this song is unique because of Jeezy's style of MCing. The only other person I could possibly see making a track like is is Tupac, and he's no longer with us.

Jeezy is one of the best real rappers out right now, and the fact that he hasn't gotten the success that he deserves shows me that people are okay with poor quality these days. I'm not saying everything that makes the radio is trash, but if they played songs like this on the radio I would think about putting more money into the economy for gas so I had an excuse to listen to it.  Enjoy...

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